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VapeCalc+ Elements


VapeCalc Elements is a small and time-tested calculator for calculating self-kneading without maintaining a database of aromas and recipes.
If you only need a correct and accurate calculation, this is your indispensable tool.


  1. I have an idea!

    A section on the forum to discuss the idea of creating a VapeCalc Elements program that will help users calculate and control their e-cigarettes. Here, participants can share their thoughts, suggestions for improving the program, as well as their experience using electronic cigarettes

  2. Version history

    The forum section is designed to discuss the changes and improvements made to the VapeCalc Elements program over time. Participants can share information about which new features have been added in each version, which bugs have been fixed, and how these changes have affected the use of the program

  3. Found a glitch!

    The forum section for the VapeCalc Elements program is designed to discuss and report errors or problems found in the program. Participants in this section can share their observations, describe the shortcomings found, or suggest possible ways to eliminate them. Here you can also ask questions related to using the program and discussing its functionality. If you encounter a problem with VapeCalc Elements and want to share your experience, welcome to the section

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