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VapeCalc Elements

Write to the author in TelegramThis section is used to download the current version of the VapeCalc Elements program, as well as the necessary additional materials and components. Here you can select the version that corresponds to your operating system, as well as specify the interface language. In addition, on this page there are training materials and guides on how to use the application, which will help you quickly master its functionality.

In addition to the programs available for download on our website, we offer services for creating customized software. This can be either adapting existing software to your needs, or developing a completely new application for Windows, Linux, macOS or for use in a web browser.
For examples and additional information, refer to the relevant sections. If you have any additional questions, please write to us, do not hesitate to use the contact form or links to messengers.

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  1. VapeCalc+ Elements

    VapeCalc+ Elements маленький и проверенный временем калькулятор расчета самозамеса без ведения базы данных аром и рецептов. Если Вам нужен только правильный и точный расчет – это ваш незаменимый инструмент.
    Подробная информация о файлах:
    MD5: 5130437f4226cf34ff65e16555bf2b69
    SHA1: 499a9cabf162495705458494a234dfd586fba01c
    CRC32: f426d90a
    SHA-256: 87151e51a79e2e7d6ae694600a747112ca4771a63deedb170e4eba51b9055c32
    MD5: 8a75725b71e5ab191e72b07bcb191158
    SHA1: 342aa479de913ab9bba0da502ebf71786ad770c8
    CRC32: 1e039fc5
    SHA-256: c740199b9d8ab2973d0ecc5fe8a16cd8cf6cd56caa03f47d9c746e5a6d6bb682
    MD5: af00264ca5bd86853e597a0bd698ca0e
    SHA1: b7409acf0b7064d31470a956f9b5861961979879
    CRC32: 3d4b84cc
    SHA-256: c979effc339c3eaa0677d945aae8f31be5603ca72266368ca5efd64047e0e36c  
    Если не устанавливается VapeCalcElm.appx, ошибка (0x800B0109)


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