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VapeCalc+ Reborn


VapeCalc+ Reborn is an advanced self-kneading liquid calculator that helps vapers and enthusiasts create customized recipes for e-liquids for vaping. The application provides users with the ability to select and configure various parameters, such as the type and strength of nicotine, the PG/VG ratio, the content of flavors and other important characteristics. With VapeCalc+, users can experiment with different recipes, save and share their favorite formulas with other users. The user-friendly interface and useful functions make VapeCalc+ an indispensable assistant for fans of self-mixing liquids for vaping.


  1. Your feedback

    The section on our forum is a place where every user can share their opinion about the work of the program. Here you can leave your feedback - positive or critical - to help us improve the quality of the product. All suggestions for new functionality or bugs in the program can be discussed in neighboring topics. We really appreciate the feedback from our community and are grateful to every participant who takes the time to share their opinion

  2. Questions and answers

    The section on our forum provides users with the opportunity to discuss everything related to the use and functionality of the VapeCalc program - from basic operations and settings to more complex aspects and specific issues. Here you can get advice from experienced users, as well as share your knowledge and experience with other forum participants. Ask your questions or give useful answers - help other users understand the intricacies of the VapeCalc+ program

  3. What else would you like

    The forum section offers a platform for discussion and user suggestions about what else interesting and useful can be added to VapeCalc+ to make it even more attractive, convenient and functional. Here, participants can share their ideas, discuss suggestions from other users, and vote for the most interesting and relevant ideas to help implement them. This section is intended to contribute to the continuous improvement and development of the forum for the common benefit of community members

  4. Version history

    The forum section provides information about previous versions of the software, their changes and improvements, as well as feedback from users and developers. Here you can learn about new features, bug fixes and other important changes that have been implemented in each version of the application. The discussions and notes in this section will help you understand how the product has evolved and what has been improved in it over time.

  5. Unofficial build for Mac OS

    The forum section provides information about various builds of the program created by our users for the Mac OS operating system. In this section, you can find links to download assemblies, as well as discuss their features, advantages and disadvantages. If you have experience using such builds or would like to share your build option for Mac, join the discussion in this section

  6. Mistakes

    The forum section is designed to inform developers about problems found in the software. Error descriptions, configuration information, and useful files will help you find and fix problems faster. The goal is to improve the stability and security of our software

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